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Moving Services

Packing and Moving Tips

  • Scheduling the Move

    Please reserve your preferred moving date 2-4 weeks before your pending move. This will secure the moving date of your choice, and give you an opportunity to verify and ask any questions that you may have regarding your move.

  • Helpful Tips when Packing

    • Dedicate several sized boxes when packing each individual room.
    • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box(es).
    • Remember to label all boxes to easily identify its contents. MARK fragile for all delicate boxed items.
    • Never use newspaper when wrapping fine glasses and or china. The imprint of the newspaper may stick to these items.
    • Avoid food or supermarket boxes for they tend to be weaker typed boxes. Moving boxes are constructed to carry more weight.
    • Please make sure all clothes and items are removed from dressers and drawers. This reduces the weight of items for a safer transport to its new location.
    • When disassembling furniture, please remember to tape all parts to main base including hardware
    • Do not wait to the last minute to clean out closets, attics, and basements.
    • Please have these rooms emptied and packed prior to your move date.
  • Two Weeks Before the Move

    • Take care of bank accounts, bills and stock accounts.
    • Make special arrangements for transporting pets, plants, flammables, pressurized tanks, ammunition, and guns.
    • Contact your insurance company to cancel current home coverage and set up new home insurance.
    • If you do not have the time to clean, hire a cleaning service. Do not polish furniture because it will make for a slippery grip for your movers and softens the wood making your furniture more susceptible to damage.
  • One Week Before the Move

    • Take care of bank accounts, bills and stock accounts. Arrange for baby and animal sitters on move day at both ends. This is for their safety and the movers’ safety.
    • Transfer prescriptions.
    • Arrange for delivery (such as newspapers) and yard services to be discontinued.
    • Dispose of flammable, hazardous, toxic, liquor, pressurized vessels, or paint items that can’t be moved on the truck. Drain gasoline and oil from power tools and equipment such as lawn mowers, weedeaters, edgers, and generators.
    • Pack your “trip kit” of essential items that will go in your car. These may include your medications, cash, checkbook, toiletries, flashlight, baby food, child care items, pet food, and your moving file.
  • One Day Before the Move

    • Unplug and defrost the refrigerators and freezers.
    • Clean them with a disinfectant and air them out.
    • Put a box of baking soda or charcoal in them to keep them fresh.
    • Freezers may be transported full (additional fees apply).
    • Disconnect and label TV’s, computer and stereo equipment cables. (This will make reconnecting much easier and faster).
    • Label items that are not to be moved.
    • If you live in an apartment, park your car at the truck load position to save a good spot for the moving van.
  • Move Out Day

    On the day of your move, we will provide a staff of trained professionals to handle the requested or scheduled move. When using rental truck services for one way moves, we request that you reserve moving blankets, or we can provide moving pads in order to wrap and properly protect and secure your items.

    • Have the children and pets out of the house or in a safe place in the home away from hazards.
    • Strip the beds and be ready for the mover to dismantle and load the beds. If you break down the beds, cribs, etc., keep the hardware in a Ziplock bag attached to the bed or put it in a dresser drawer of that bedroom.
    • Be on hand to conduct a walk through the house with the mover so he understands the scope the move. Answer questions and give directions for the move requirements.
    • Clean the house, time permitting, or hire a cleaning service for this function in advance.
  • Move In Day

    • Know where you want your furniture placed ahead of time. Movers want to place an item one time if possible.
    • Be on hand to tell the movers which room or where the furniture or boxes go so that they don’t end up in the wrong room and would have to be handled again.
    • Color code, name, or number rooms so that they correspond to move out location. This greatly speeds the unloading time and gets the boxes in the right locations.